About the App

FINCON has developed mobile health apps and cloud-based health management information systems for community and primary health care workers and their managers to simplify administration of health care provision and allow efficient management and data collection.

Key Features

  • Instant paperless transmission of accurate data for evidence-based decision making.
  • Data inter-operability: our app fits into existing systems – no need to replace legacy systems.
  • Scalable and customizable: our solution can be used by both centralized and decentralized models of care. We can develop any functionality that is not covered.
  • Robust communications and off-line features safeguard against infrastructure challenges.

From Pakistan, for the World

  • The design, development and implementation of the app took place in Pakistan.
  • It was informed by the challenges in the health care sectors of Pakistan and Tanzania.
  • Seed funding was provided by an award from the Gates Foundation Grand Challenges in Global Health.
  • Testing took place in Peshawar District, Pakistan.
  • It is now used by healthcare providers in Sindh Province of Pakistan and in Tanzania.

Tool for Public Health Management and M&E

Our app feeds data into our health management information system. An executive dashboard offers a suite of options for the management and access of data from HR, accounting to supply chain and inventory control.

The app can be easily integrated with existing systems.


What Can It Do for You?

Our app facilitates diagnosis, treatment and referrals of patients as well as collection of epidemiological data. Primary care workers fill out checklists of symptoms on the app, and the app handles the rest. Our app supports the following tasks:

  • Referrals for secondary care and primary care
  • Remote diagnosis – doctors can view patients’ health record remotely and provide advice
  • Monitoring and follow up on the course of pregnancy, patient’s health complaints, nutrition, physical examination of the newborn, growth progress and vaccination record
  • Access to previously entered record of each patient
  • Calculation of poverty scorecard (socioeconomic calculator for cash transfer and other social program eligibility)
  • Capturing information on household characteristics and vital statistics: births, deaths, livelihood and education of each family member
  • Record of communicable diseases
  • Restocking and inventory of supplies
  • Creation of monthly schedule
  • Formation and meetings of health committees
  • Formation and meetings of community support groups

Umeed Sey:  With Hope

Our app for community midwives is designed to reduce maternal and infant mortalities by facilitating timely referrals and avoiding delays.

The app facilitates the midwife’s decision-making on pregnancy-related referrals by analyzing algorithms of medical history, gestational age, expected due date, lab reports, and nutritional status (e.g., the green color result means no referral needed; yellow – referral to birthing centers/community health clinic; and red – immediate emergency referral).

Umeed Sey: With Hope