No. Project Description Year Client
1.         Agriculture Value Chain Assessment in Khyber, Kurram, South & North Waziristan 2016-2017 UN FAO
2.         Peach Project in Swat 2015 SME Business Support Fund (BSF), Ministry of Finance
3.         Economic Needs Assessment Survey (ENAS) in Bajaur and Mohmand Agencies (FATA) 2014-2015 Economic Revitalization of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA (ERKF)
4. Feasibility Study for a Pilot Project Guarantee Fund in Pakistan 2014 UNIDO
5. Pakistan Agriculture Value Chain Assessment 2011 USAID
6.         Commodity Import Program (CIP) under USAID FIRMS Project 2010 Chemonics Intl. Inc.
7.         South Waziristan Economic Rehabilitation Strategy under USAID FIRMS project 2009-2014 Chemonics Intl. Inc.
8.         Main Contractor for USAID FIRMS Project 2009-2014 Chemonics Intl. Inc.
9.         Crop Maximization Project-II 2009 Ministry of Food and Agriculture
10.     Preparation of IFRS Compliant Financial statements 2008 Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA)
11.     Improving Access to Financial Services 2007-2008 ADB TA 4894
12.     Technical Assistance to NGOs to Separate Microfinance Operations 2007 Pakistan Financial Services Sector Reform Programme (PFSSRP)
13.     Baluchistan Small Scale Irrigation Project 2006 World Bank (WB-IBRD)
14.     Promoting Economic Use of Customary Land in Samoa 2006 ADB TA-4712-SAM
15.     Development of Loan Product 2006 Swabi Women Welfare Society
16.     Rural Financial Institutions Project in Kyrgyzstan 2006 ADB Loan 1529-KGZ (SF)
17.     Development of Credit Score Sheet 2006 Organization for Participatory Development
18.     Market Research, Loan Product Development and Development of Strategic Plan for CSC 2005 Community Support Concern (CSC)
19.     Market Research, Loan Product Development and Development of Strategic Plan for SWWS 2004 Swabi Women Welfare Society
20.     FATA Rural Development Project 2003 Agri Systems UK

ADB TAR: 33268-01

21.     Private Sector Investment Options of Regi Lalma Township Scheme 1998 Peshawar Development Authority