No. Project Description Year Client
1.                  Sindh Agriculture Growth Project Component 1: Consulting Services for Technical Assistance and Capacity Building 2015-2020 Sindh Agriculture Department
2.                  TA Implementation Readiness of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Southern Area Development Project (KP-SADP), under PCNA Governance Support Project 2012-2013 KP P&D Department
3.                  Capacity Building of Pakhtunkhwa Hydel Development Organization (PHYDO) and Related Entities 2012 PHYDO
4.                  Sindh Cities Improvement Project 2012 ADB
5.                  Development of Financial Management Framework and Manuals for SBEP under USAID Assessment and Strengthening Program 2012 RSPN
6.                  Sindh City Improvement Project-2 2009-2012 ADB


7.                  Institutional Assessment and Capacity Building of Vocational Training Institutes and Government Commerce Colleges for Teaching Agribusiness Curriculum 2009 Resource Monitoring and Development Group (RMDG)
8. Multi-Sector Rehabilitation & Improvement Project (MSRIP) 2008 ADB Loan-2153
9. Enhancement of the Performance Audit Capacity of the China National Audit Office 2008 ADB TA 7017-PRC
10. Organizational Review and  Development of Strategic Plan for Bunyad 2008 Bunyad
11. Strengthening Land Administration Services Laos 2008 ADB TA No. 4969
12. Orientation and Capacity Building of Print and Electronic Media Journalists on HIV and AIDS 2005 National AIDS Control Program
13. Development of Standard Operating Procedures for SUNGI 2005 SUNGI Development Foundation
14. Market Research and Development of Standard Operating Procedures and Policies 2005 Orix Leasing Pakistan
15. Mega City Project I 2005 ADB
16. Skills Development and Capacity Building of District Governments Officials in Planning and Budget Making under Decentralization Support Program in Sindh 2005 ADB Loan: PAK: 34328-02
17. Behavior Change and Communication Campaign for Malaria Control 2004-2005 Directorate of Malaria Control, Ministry of Health
18. Skills Development and Capacity Building of District Governments Officials in Planning and Budget Making under Decentralization Support Program in Balochistan 2004 ADB
19. Capacity Development of CHIP Partner Organizations under the Civil Society HID Program 2004 SDC
20.              Institutional Capacity Building of National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) 2004 ADB
21.              Sindh Devolved Social Services Development Program 2003 ADB
22.              Capacity Development of Forest Department and Partner Organizations, NWFP 2002-2005 Forest Sector Project, NWFP
23.              Capacity Development and Compliance of NIKE Code of Conduct – Saga Sports Sialkot 2002 Saga Sports, Sialkot
24.              Water and Sanitation Project, Islamabad 2001 CDA
25. Capacity Development of Professionals from Solid Waste and Environment Enhancement Project (SWEEP) 2001 UNDP
26.              Pakistan Urban Sector Strategy Study 2000 ADB
27.              Institutional Strengthening of Board of Investment (BOI) 2000 ADB TA Loan (1683-PAK)
28.              Quetta Water Supply and Environmental Improvement Project (QWSEIP) 1999-2000 ADB
29.              Quetta Water Supply and Environmental Improvement Project 1999 ADB TA No. 2928 (SF)
30.              Evaluation of the Training and Employment of Rural Women Savings and Credit Scheme 1999 ADB
31.              Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Rawalpindi 1998-2004 ADB
32.              Strengthening of the Planning, Environment & Development Department (PE&D) 1998 Government of Netherlands
33.              Privatization of Primary Education: Alternative Government Schooling System 1998 Primary Education Program (PEP)
34. Strengthening of the PE&D Department 1998 PE&D Department
35. Project on Primary Education 1997-1998 DFID
36.              Privatization of Water Supply & Creation of Rural WASA, NWFP under Pak-German Promotion PHED 1996 ADB