No. Project Description   Client
1.         Development of MIS for Revenue Enhancement through a Consumer Survey for the Water and Sanitation Services Company (WSSC), Mardan 2018 WSSC Mardan
2.         ERP for Hospital Management, Children’s Hospital for North Nazimabad, Karachi 2017-2018 PEI
3.         Health MIS for PEI 2017-2018 PEI
4.         Development of Community Midwife (CMW) App 2016 -2017 PEI
5.         Development of M-health Enterprise Solution and Hands on Clinical and Management Staff Trainings 2015-2018 DKT Tanzania
6.         Micro Health-Care Franchise System 2011-2014 Grand Challenges Canada
7.         Development of PC-I MIS for Pakistan’s Water & Sanitation sector 2009 Ministry of Environment, LG & RD (Complex)
8.         Upgrading the ICT and MIS at the Agriculture Promotion Bank 2007 ADB
9.         Development of MIS for Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA) 2007 MISFA
10.     Development of MIS for Tehsil Municipal Administration Kasur 2005 CIDA DSP
11.     Development of an IT platform for Karachi District under Karachi Mega-City Project 1 2005 ADB
12.     Development of MIS for the Bank 2005 First Micro Finance Bank
13.     Development of MIS for CDA 2001 CDA
14.     Project Monitoring Software for Barani Village Development Project (BVDP) of the Agency for Barani Areas Development 2001 IFAD
15.     Composing and Compiling of Socio-Economic Data of 55 Communities of NWFP 2000 Peshawar Community Infrastructure Project
16.     Decision Support System for Rawalpindi WASA under Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project 1998-2004 ADB
17.     MIS for Strategic Planning and Decision-Making Process & Flow-Charting ADP Process in PE&DD 1998 NWFP PE&D Department
18.     Financial MIS for Primary Education Program 1998 NWFP Government
19.     Credit MIS for NRSP 1998 National Rural Support Program (NRSP)
20.     Pak German Promotion –  Public Health & Engineering Department (PHED), NWFP 1996-1997 GTZ