Societies that want to make a difference, both to their own lives and to the communities in which they live are moving towards a systematic structure of local government.

A functioning local government must serve the interests of the people

Local Government Concerns

and safeguard their rights. Local governments need to create an enabling environment for citizen participation in the welfare of the community.

Since 2000, we have promoted a local government design based on five fundamentals:

  • Devolution of political power, decentralization of administrative authority,
  • Less or no concentration of management functions,
  • Diffusion of the power-authority nexus,
  • Distribution of resources to the district level
Partnership with Local Governments

Local governments are responsible for provision of basic services to the communities at their doorstep. It is essential to strengthen their capacity for sustainable growth and development.

FINCON’s vision is to make a difference in people’s lives by contributing towards revitalizing local authorities, working with their partners, to reshape public services around the citizens and communities that use them.

FINCON is supporting the operations of new administrative system of the Government of Pakistan by providing its services on both the policy and operational levels, mainly for the initiatives of:

  • Decentralization of administrative authority,
  • De-concentration of management functions,
  • Diffusion of the power-authority nexus, and
  • Distribution of resources to the district level.

FINCON; its Divisions

FINCON- IT Division has developed advanced information & monitoring systems to help promote transparency, accountability, and responsiveness to citizen demands to achieve greater efficacy, efficiency, and acceptance

FINCON – Finance Division has developed tax and revenue systems, financial management systems, budget and financial analysis of local government institutions

FINCON – Institutional Development division has been involved in local government capacity building and institutional restructuring at both the policy and regulatory levels. We have developed incentive systems, carried out trainings, and developed performance appraisal systems.

Project Highlights in Good Governance

  • Skills Development and Capacity Building of District Governments Officials in Planning and Budget Making
  • Devolution Support Programme (DSP), Sindh
  • Women’s Political Participation Project (W3P) – Development of Training Manuals
  • Election Commission of Pakistan – Training of Polling Personnel
  • ADB 4922: Supporting Governance Reforms in Pakistan
  • Pakistan Price Commission, Capacity Development of Professionals
  • Developing IT Platforms for Tracking and Maintenance System for Karachi Water & Sanitation Board
  • Essential Institutional Reforms Operations’ Program (EIROP) – Provided Training on Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, and training on devolution plan and Local Government Ordinance 2001 (new local government responsibilities)