Whats Our Approach

Our services span from assessments, surveys and baseline evaluations, through the design and implementation of capacity building, institutional strengthening and IT solutions, to post-project evaluation, while our clients range from international development sector organizations, to national, provincial and local governments, public institutions and agencies, NGOs and corporate entities. FINCON’s broad expertise enables us to combine institutional reform with the newest technology. Through these services, we help organizations achieve their goals and improve service to their clients.


We have also worked with numerous communities to empower, educate and mobilize community members to contribute to public service delivery and to keep governments accountable. To strengthen grass-roots level structures, we engage communities in participatory community development. Additionally, we have extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of projects across the economic growth sector, including SME development, agriculture and finance.


We believe in development through partnerships and collaborate with a wide range of local communities and private sector partners across the world to enhance and complement the repertoire of services provided by FINCON. We have a reputation in effective management of complex programs and are proud of our collaborations with a wide network of international partners in our activities.


Over the years, FINCON has successfully worked in multiple sectors. Upon our launch in 1996, we focused on public finance, public sector capacity building, institutional strengthening and information technology. Currently, our work mostly focuses on the sectors of healthcare, economic growth and agriculture, where we design and implement projects related to assessments, capacity building, IT and institutional strengthening/governance.