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1Financial Inclusion Program (2)DFID-State Bank of Pakistan
2Crop maximization project-II (1)Ministry of agriculture
3Empower Pakistan Firms (2)USAID
4Development of Mangement Information System (2)Microfinance Investment and Support Facility of Afghanistan (MISFA)
5Establishment & management of Center of Excellence in Microfinance (CMF) (2)MF Sector
6Preparation of IFRS Compliant Financial statements (2)MISFA
7Organizational Review and Development of Strategic Plan (2)Community Support Concern
8Individual Loaning, Micro Finance Development Program (MFDP) (1)Micro Finance Development Program (MFDP)
9Techincal Assistance to NGOs for separating Microfinance Operations (2)Pakistan Financial Sector Services Reform Program (PFSSRP)
10Development of Loan product (2)Swabi Women Welfare Society
11ADB 4761, Micro insurance Sector Development, SRILANKA (1)ADB
12Development of Mangement Information System (2)First Microfinance Bank Limited
13Market Research and Training of Women Enterpreneurs (2)First Microfinance Bank Limited
14Development of Credit Score Sheet (2)Organization for Participatory Development (OPD)
15Market Research and Development of Standard Operating Procedures and Policies (2)Orix Leasing Pakistan
16Market Research, Loan Product Development and Development of Strategic Plan (2)Community Support Concern
17Development of Standard Operating Procedures (2)SUNGI Development Foundation
18Market Research, Loan Product Development and Development of Strategic Plan (2)Swabi Women Welfare Society
19Credit Management Information System (CMIS) (2)NRSP Pakistan

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(1) Projects that FINCON has been shortlisted for.
(2) Projects Implemented by the FINCON.
(3) Projects implemented by our associates.