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1Multi-Sector Rehabilitation & Improvement Project (MSRIP) (2)ADB
2Sindh Devolved Social Services Development Program (2) ADB
3Social Protection Strategy Development Study (2)ADB
4Privatization of Primary Education: Alternative Govt. Schooling System: (2)NWFP-PEP
5Department for International Development (DFID) Project on Primary Education (2)DFID
6Financial Management Information System for Primary Education Program, NWFP Govt. (2)NWFP-PEP
7Establishment of Adult Literacy Centers (3)Literacy Department
8Vocational Training Centre (3)Women Development
9Impact Evaluation of Baluchistan Education Project (BEP), Pakistan (3)WB
10Establishment Community Schools (3)CIDA
11Establishment o NFBE Schools (3)Literacy Department
12Community Model Schools (3)National Education Foundation
13Institutional Assessment and Capacity Building of Vocational Training Institutes and Government Commerce Colleges for teaching Agribusiness curriculum (2)ADB
14Training of Trainers for Professional Staff from Vocational Training Institutes in Teaching Agribusiness Curriculum (2)ADB
15Enhancing Participation in Education (3)WB/National Education Foundation
16Girls Primary Education Promotion Project (3)ADB
17Tameer-e-Millat Model School (3)Punjab Education Foundation

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(1) Projects that FINCON has been shortlisted for.
(2) Projects Implemented by the FINCON.
(3) Projects implemented by our associates.