“Women are a great source of strength in creating human civilization, the promotion of gender equality and protection of women’s rights impact on the immediate interests of women and decide whether human beings can fully develop their potential and pursue a better life.” Ho JinTao

Empowering women and including women in the national stream

Gender Equality

of development is one of the biggest challenges in the developing world. By recognizing and addressing discrimination against girls and women, success in the fight against all forms of discrimination – class, race, ethnicity, and age – will become more attainable. Experience shows communities and societies develop more quickly when women are enabled to become fully contributing members of their communities.

In-depth analysis reveals that there are numerous constraints equitable gender development, including:

  • Social constraints/Local Traditions
  • Misinterpretation of religious commandments
  • Economic disenfranchisement and lack of micro-financing

In Pakistan, women’s participation in society has been limited, and efforts to increase their inclusion in political social and economic life have been met with resistance. Statistics indicate that Pakistan lags behind most other countries in gender empowerment.

FINCON Services Inc. has done tremendous work in gender empowerment and mainstreaming.

Contribution of FINCON in Gender Mainstreaming

FINCON provides clear information about gender equality concepts and measures in trainings and workshops, Assessment from gender equality perspective, idea and direction to define and meet gender and social goals.

We offer inclusive approach when conducting gender Analysis, and provide you with Baseline data, Measure of Gender equality, guidelines and recommendations.

Our Research and Policy Development are designed and worked out in ways that meet your Research requirements.

Our experts guide you to effectively monitor and evaluate the social and gender measures at all stages.

Contributions towards Gender mainstreaming our other services include:

  • Gender Based Budgeting
  • Gender Training, Workshops and Education
  • Rural livelihood trainings
  • Social protection
  • Safety Nets
  • Gender analysis and Strategies development
  • Capacity building
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Project identification and appraisal
  • Policy Development & Research
  • Monitoring and evaluation